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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Cinderella An Enchanted Moment

After 10 years, i have finally finished this ufo.  its not my thing when it comes to cross stitching, therefore i didnt like stitching this one.  There was a lot of 3/4 stitches and a tremendous amount of backstitching.  the Back stitching took me 5 days to complete.  now that this is finished, i am pleased with it.  the chart called for beads and some kreniek thread, but i left it out.
hope you enjoy the pics.
luv from Olga.

Monday, 23 November 2015

A Couple of Recent Finishes

thought i would share with you my 2 recent finishes.  both were not easy, you really do need to be patient and very diciplined, as there is a lot of colour changing, and in the fairy, there is some confetti stitching and lot of colour changing.
the first one is Isabella's Garden, by Lavender and Lace and the fairy is janlynn kit, Lily Pond Dreams
Luv from Olga


Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Pretty Rose Case With Accessories

I stitched this a while ago and I have since sold it on eBay this year.  I have never posted pics of it, and thought I would share it here with you.  Its is loaded with the colour pink.  Looks a bit purple in the pics, but it’s a lovely bright lolly pink colour.  I luv roses and that’s why I stitched it with roses as the theme. Hope you enjoy the pics.
Luv from Olga.

Monday, 26 October 2015

A Big Thank You To Heidi !!

I have the great honor and pleasure to share with you this most exquisite cross stitch, stitched by Heidi.  I feel like the luckiest person alive right now.  Last year she stitched this fairy for me, I knew nothing about it, and when it arrived in the mail, and I opened it, I was just floored! The feeling was and still is indescribable.  There are no words to describe it.  Since then I have been saving my pennies and saved enough to get the fairy framed professionally where everything used is acid free, and its been laced the old fashion way.   After picking it up from the framers, I was floored again.  Every one in the shop that has seen it,  just fell in luv with it, and gave me so many compliments on it, one young girl said 'its like a butterfly.'  Now that it is framed, it looks even more beautiful than before. 
Heidi, thank you so much!  Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough, to even let go of a piece like this, where so much love  and hard work has gone into it,  is just so amazingly generous of you.  Every time I look at it, it always brings thoughts of you and  a big smile.  I will now let you all enjoy the pictures.  I have also added a picture of my Red Dress Bride and Groom for you, which is also amazingly beautiful now that is framed. Enjoy!
Luv from Olga.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Angle Procession By Teresa Wentzler

About 10 yrs ago, i started this, back then i only did the right hand side of the boarder.  i took it out again recently, and i started stitching it.  The more i stitched it, the more i hated stitching it and no wonder i left it for so many yrs.  it's not that i couldn't do it, the problem is the chart, the chart i have if from the kit, and its so hard to read it, as most of it to me looks like just blobs of black ink everywhere.  the wings were impossible to read, this is why i have not stitched the wings.  i know  you can get the wings chart from Teresa Wentzler message board, but i still decided not to stitch them. The boarder is absolutely beautiful and full of beads.  there is a lot of blending and confetti stitching and 3/4 stitches.  i also stitched the faces and hands and feet in one over one.   this is definitely for experienced stitchers only.  i would not recommend this for anyone who has little experience in stitching.   For the back stitching i had to use the picture as a guide because i just couldn't make out the back stitching on the chart.   this has to be the most worst chart i have ever come across in regards to reading it.  it's worse than the old Lanarte hand drawn charts.  i knew if i had put it away again, i know i would have never picked it up again.  i therefore literally forced myself to complete it.   it took a lot out of me, as i was feeling ill from stitching it. anyway, i am pleased now that i have stitched it, i have washed it and put it away. 
hope you like the pictures. 
luv from Olga.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Heidis' Stargazer - Mirabilia Conversion

I have had some requests for Heidis' conversion for Stargazer Mirabilia.  Here is Heidis' conversion that she did.  She has been kind enoough to share this with everyone. I really luv her conversion, its so amazing.  And her stitched piece is so beautiful !!   Thank you Heidi, you spoil us with your stitching and we greately appreciate your conversion.
luv Olga.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Mirabilia's Stargazer Stitched by Heidi

Another amazing finish by heidi !!  Absolutely luv the colours!!  Its always a special treat to show Heidis' work here.
always a pleasure to see your amazing finished work, look forward to seeing more :o)
luv from Olga.